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Asset Solutions

Clear Pipelines, Reach Sales Goals, Increase Working Capital

Unpredictable market conditions, changes in consumer demand and pivots in business strategy make it impossible to perfectly forecast production and sales. When those predictions fall short, we deliver significantly more than traditional liquidation for excess inventory, underutilized capital equipment and unwanted commercial real estate/leaseholds.

Let’s create a customized plan to achieve your financial objectives.

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Achieve More Value

We Pay Above Market Value For a Broad Range of Excess Inventory.

We work with our clients to help them realize significantly more value than traditional liquidation for underperforming assets. The incremental value we deliver mitigates losses and helps fund future planned media and marketing.

Our Solutions Are Brand Sensitive
  • Keeping your distribution channels conflict-free
  • Pre-Approved Resale Channels
  • Turnkey Reverse Logistics Capabilities

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We Pay Above Market Value For a Broad Range of Excess Inventory.

When real estate holdings are not commanding the value you seek, we can deliver results. We acquire fee simple properties and relief from leaseholds for clients across industries, at prices unachievable using traditional resale methods

The benefits achieved from our Real Estate Solutions are multi-faceted, including
  • Above market value
  • Expedited closing
  • Remediation of environmental issues

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Receive maximum value for an array of capital equipment.

Our business model pays above current market value for challenged capital equipment. In exchange, companies use the value we deliver to improve their balance sheets and help fund future operating expenses.

We comply with industry-standard disposition practices

Active has expansive partnerships with industry experts skilled at assessment and removal without business disruption.

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Asset Solutions Case Studies

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