Insights, Success Stories, and Real World Perceptions.

A recent Brand Innovators survey conducted among senior marketers from a cross-section of industries revealed that while a majority are familiar with the general concept of Corporate Trade to solve both supply chain challenges and create media buying

efficiencies, a significant number lack a full understanding of the actual process or the financial benefits. Further, those who understood or were familiar with Corporate Trade were often operating with outdated perceptions.

There are clearly a wide variety of companies who would benefit from deeper insights into Corporate Trade, especially in today’s challenging retail and supply chain environment.

In this paper, we:
  • Define Corporate Trade.
  • Highlight the benefits brands can expect.
  • Explore real life case studies.
  • Discuss common misperceptions.
  • Share perspectives from brands & agencies.
  • Considerations for getting started.
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We hope this information will help you better understand the process, help inspire your internal partners, and arm you with questions to ask of your agency when considering using Corporate Trade.

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