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Corporate Trade

Creating Value
With Every Trade.

We are dedicated to helping our clients reach sales goals, optimize media buys and find innovative ways to fund operating expenses. Powered by Corporate Trade for nearly four decades, we deliver maximum value for the broadest array of corporate assets and improve ROI across planned customer engagement platforms. Tell us your business goals, we’ll create customized solutions to help you achieve them.

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Benefits of Corporate Trade

We pay significantly more than liquidation for a broad range of assets.

Our dedicated Asset Solutions team can deliver maximum value for inventory you may have that has been affected by lack of traffic or consumer demand. You’ll receive greater value than liquidation, seamless logistics assistance and brand sensitive asset resale. Your existing channels of distribution will remain undisturbed.

Tell us your financial goal, we’ll customize a solution to help you achieve it.

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Our strategic buyers deliver value across the media landscape.

We make strategic investments across the media landscape, from linear to digital. These investments give us access to unrestricted future media that our clients can purchase using trade. Our seasoned media buyers align our investment strategies with our clients’ future planned media, and execute the buys for the media that delivers the most value.

Of course all of this happens in collaboration with our clients and their agencies with pre-approval every step of the way.

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Put your assets to work.

Taking advantage of unbudgeted opportunities is paramount in this ever-changing marketplace.

Our Asset-Enabled Funding Solutions help major brands afford customer engagement efforts that are unplanned and unbudgeted.From raising brand awareness, to driving traffic, to generating incremental sales, we can help you use your assets to help fund initiatives that deliver results.

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