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Financing Your Movie or TV Production? There’s Money In Your Media Budget

When it comes to entertainment production financing, every dollar counts. Active Entertainment, through its partner MBM3, can unlock additional funding for theatrical, broadcast, cable, and streaming releases by having your media and marketing work even harder.  Our combined media and financing expertise will uncover working capital and help bring your project to life.

Ask Us How

Innovative funding, efficient media, flawless execution.

When you commit to executing your ad campaign with us, we uncover efficiencies in your budget, and through our partnership with MBM3 Films, deliver innovative financing.

Active’s Media Team Provides:
  • MBM3 funding options include equity investments, debt financing, and advances on soft monies.
  • Full-service collaborative, media strategy, planning and buying; customized to your needs.
  • We mitigate traditional media fees.


Focused on Entertainment Production and Advertising.

Dedicated media experts and veteran production financing combine for a collaborative partnership that delivers the resources you need to complete and promote projects of any size.

  • Active’s media prowess spans decades of delivering value to clients through efficient media execution.
  • MBM3’s production expertise and financing options support your project from start to finish.

We’re with you every step of the way.

The Partnership

Active Entertainment:
MBM3 Films:
  • Karine Martin – Managing Director MBM3 Films; CEO, Starlings Entertainment; Owner and CEO, Mediabiz
  • Mike Sears – Managing Director MBM3 Films; Norsemen Television Productions
  • Michael Emerson – Managing Director MBM3 Films; Michael S. Emerson Productions

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