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Travel Providers

Travel Providers

Travel Providers benefit from our Corporate Trade solutions by making purchases from our Product Portfolio of select capex/opex goods. With each purchase made, Active will commit to make a corresponding amount of cash bookings at your hotels, typically 5% up to 20%. All cash bookings will be at your hotel(s) normal prevailing rates with all individual bookings booked by our reservation center on a non-commissionable basis and all group bookings will be new business to your hotel(s).

We have a dedicated staff of travel professionals who will manage a group lead preclearance process to insure all groups constitute new business and to avoid any conflict with your group sales department.

To date, Active has sold over $300+ Million of products to hundreds of travel suppliers including Samsung TV products, Jamison Mattresses, carpets, outdoor furniture, etc.

For a complete list of products currently available click here.

To learn more about the Active’s Product Portfolio Purchase Program, contact: Dominic Bencivenga at