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Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Through partnerships with industry leaders such as Samsung, Peerless-AV, and Jamison, Active has a portfolio of capex/opex products available for purchase through our Corporate Trade model.

Purchase programs are customized based on our client’s objectives including increasing liquidity, generating a reciprocal cross-purchase/payment in-kind, or redemption of Trade Credits held by existing Active clients.

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Please contact if you wish to get additional information about our Product Portfolio Purchase Program.

Active’s Product Portfolio

Capital Goods

  • TV’s, Monitors, Signage, etc.
  • Clean Remote
  • AV Mounting Solutions
  • PTACs
  • Hotel Beds & Mattress Protectors
  • Hotel Room Safes
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Medify Air Purifiers
  • Carpeting & Flooring

Operating Goods

  • Linens & Textiles
  • ULV Disinfectant Fogger Kit
  • Contactless Temperature Screening
  • Hand Sanitzer
  • PPE – masks, gloves, etc.
  • Printed Signage
  • PPE Clean Cart

Water & Energy Efficiency

  • PowerGUARD
  • Electrocell
  • H2o Vortex
  • FlowEnergy SmartValve

Advertising & Marketing

  • Media
  • Retail & Experiential