Enhanced technology opens the door for broadcasters to deliver non-real-time (NRT) content over-the-air. This non-linear delivered content has the potential to better “align their services more compatibly to emerging audience preferences.” Two advances made this possible including the upgrade from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0 as the standard. The second is “the proliferation of cheap digital storage (either locally or in the cloud) also makes this option more palatable now and in the future than it has been in the past.”(TVNewsCheck: 1/23/23)


According to Omdia, free ad-supported streaming TV is on track to hit $12 billion in revenue by 2027. “Much of the growth will be driven by the US, which currently accounts for approximately 90 percent of the global FAST channel market valued at just under $4 billion in 2022.” Outside of the US, revenue is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2027.  The 5 largest FAST markets include US, UK, and Canada, Germany and Brazil. (Advanced Television & PRN: 1/24 – 1/25/23)


As inflation has strained the economy, the digital industry “is likely to decelerate in the months ahead [but] overall it will remain strong, with certain sectors expected to see significant growth.” According to the Winterberry Group, advertisers are expected to spend an estimated $509 billion in 2023 which is up 6% from $481 billion last year. Investments are expected to shift as there is a lot of momentum behind CTV, digital out-of-home, and influencer marketing. “CTV is expected to be a big recipient of investments, growing at a rate of 27%.” The rising costs of digital media are encouraging marketers to “shift spend not just amongst channels, but among providers who have the ability to target hard-to-reach niche audiences.” (Marketing Dive: 1/23/23)


This week marks the fourth annual “National News Literacy Week” from The National Literacy Project, a nonpartisan education non-profit dedicated to “creating better informed, more engaged and more empowered individuals.” In an effort to combat misinformation, this year’s theme is “Trust,” with national and local news outlets banding together to raise awareness through webinars, materials for educators, and a virtual NewsLitCamp “focused on teaching students to evaluate the credibility of sources of information.” The ABC affiliate in Tampa Bay interviewed a spokesperson from the Project who reinforced the importance of exposure to a variety of “credible news sources, outlets that practice standards-based journalism, journalistic ethics.” (1/23/25)


We promise this isn’t clickbait. Do you ever find yourself watching a show that has switched actors of one of your favorite characters? TV Line compiled a list of more than 35 times a show changed actors while the show was being aired/streamed. How many did you recognize? Switches include shows like Mad Men, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Shameless, The Goldbergs, Gotham (two cast members), Riverdale, and more. (TV Line: 1/24/23)