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What's New Video News 5.2.24

Consumer Packaged Goods

Drive Growth Through CPG Innovation

As Shopping Habits Evolve

What happens when your retail partners become your primary competitors?
When consumer choice is dictated by an algorithm?
How do you deliver personalized products at scale?
How do you build awareness in a fragmented media landscape?
In an era when shopping trip frequency at physical stores is in decline?
How can you flip the script of this narrative and thrive in this new landscape?

You Evolve Your Business

At Active, we think the time is right for CPG brand leaders committed to driving growth through CPG innovation. To adapt to shopping habits that are leaving marketers behind by finding ways to turn the status quo on its head.

We can help you harness this CPG disruption and transform it into opportunity.

Consumers have an appetite for the new. Rapidly changing consumer tastes in food and beverage have led to the meteoric rise of new set of mega brands. Chobani became the top-selling yogurt in the U.S. only four years after its launch. Dollar Shave was purchased by Unilever for $1 billion in 2016, just five years after it launched. Unicorn brands like these along with continued pressure from an endless supply of startup brands have activist investors calling for a complete overhaul of the mass CPG model.

Partners are becoming competitors. Furthermore, as an increasing volume of shopping moves online, retailers now have more control than ever over the brands consumers see. CPG retail partners are also getting much better at leveraging their sales and shopping behavior data to inform their own product and brand innovation.

Learn more about how we worked with a CPG brand to discover new opportunities.

To Stay in Front of Customers

Get closer to your consumers. CPG brands have an opportunity to think more like their retail partners and invest in more direct-to-consumer innovation. How might a vertically integrated, forward leading, direct-to-consumer model change the way you think about the future for your brands?

Think beyond the store. 63 percent of c-suite CPG executives expect their organization will continue to expand their network of partners [source: IBM] How might a partnership with a hotel, airline, gym, or office-sharing platform be able to connect your brand to your consumer in highly relevant settings?

Invest in CPG innovation. Kraft Heinz launched a $100M fund, Evolv Ventures, dedicated to system-wide innovation. Unilever launched Unilever Foundry, a platform to facilitate collaboration between startups and its brands. How could external partners help fuel more experimentation at scale? What if you could allocate capital in a more dynamic way to support a “fail fast” culture?

What if you had the ability to give consumers not only what they want, but what they don’t even expect? At scale. Again and again.

It could create possibilities you never imagined.

Possibilities we imagine every day. Ask us how.

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