New York, NY (Nov. 17, 2020) — Active International is excited to join Dawn’s fast-growing portfolio of best-in-class, specialist agencies with centralized data science, advanced analytics, and econometric measurement.

Recognized as The Modern Marketing Model, Dawn provides today’s marketers fully integrated, highly collaborative, data-driven business solutions.

Active International’s ability to enable companies to maximize the value they receive for assets, increase their return on ad spend, and generate funding for unbudgeted expenses will complement Dawn’s portfolio of specialists. With offices in 14 countries and $2 billion in annual advertising spend worldwide, Active provides innovative solutions in media and supply chain management across industries, from hospitality and real estate to consumer-packaged goods, retail, electronics, healthcare, and direct-to-consumer.

“Dawn is the portfolio of the most talented specialist agencies. We provide modern business solutions that marketers demand. Active’s exceptional ability to deliver business efficiencies and provide significant value for underperforming assets, including real estate and excess inventory- is especially critical at this time during the Covid pandemic,” said Dawn CEO Bob Kantor.

The Active team is already collaborating with several Dawn agencies, creating the blend of science and art today’s marketers seek. Active will continue to deepen its relationship with Dawn through access to its centralized, insightful data analytics and measurement expertise.

 “We’re excited to work alongside the respected industry specialists within the Dawn portfolio,” said Bill Georges, Global Chief Operating Officer, Active International. “Together with our shared independence, our combined expertise, and the Active trading model, we help companies uncover even more value, while delivering the flexibility that they need.“


About Dawn: 

Dawn is the portfolio of best-in-class marketing services agencies with centralized data science, advanced analytics, econometric measurement and media at the center. In partnership with talented, specialist agencies in advertising and branding, public relations, digital technology, brand strategy, CRM, media, barter, experiential, influencer/social, and sports marketing, Dawn is The Modern Marketing Model. Dawn partner agencies include Active International, Barkley, Bleacher Report/Playmaker, Crossmedia, Definition 6, Main Street One, Pereira O’Dell, PeopleFirst, and Redbox. For more information, visit Dawn


About Active International:

Active International, the corporate trade leader for nearly four decades, enables companies to maximize the value they receive for assets, increase their return on ad spend, and generate funding for unbudgeted expenses. Independent, with an unrivaled vantage point of the media industry, we help large and small brands and agencies achieve a higher ROI; leveraging incremental value in the same quality properties and services they already purchase. 



Bob Kantor, Dawn CEO

Hank Kim, Dawn PR

Bethany Harris, EVP, Strategic Partnerships Group, Active International