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IT Services in the Hospitality Industry
We recently had a conversation with Steve Woodward, President of Centrada Solutions about his thoughts on IT Services. Steve is a long-time friend and a former member of the Active Travel Advisory Board. To read about Steve’s thoughts on IT Services in the Travel Industry click here.


Travel Industry Benefiting from the Infrastructure Bill
The Senate’s approval of the infrastructure bill, is a step forward in helping to revolutionize the way people will travel through the US moving forward. Click here to read more.

Delta Variant Impacting Airline Demand
Airlines as well as the TSA are seeing an increase in cancellations at airports after the recent a spike in cases. Click here to read more.

Cruise Lines and Proof of Vaccination
Recently, a US District Judge in Florida sided with Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings to allow required proof of vaccination to board the cruise ship. Click here to read more.

Airlines Requiring Employees to Get Vaccinated
It started with one airline. Now two others have announced vaccination requirements for their employees. Will the other airlines follow suit? Click here to read more.


Will you or Wont You?
Many travelers concerned with the COVID variants have resulted in a recent drop in both leisure and business travel. Click here to read more.

Burnt Out and Not Able to Take a Vacation
With all the challenges in the world and so many people stuck at home, everyone wants to get out and go somewhere. For those not able to take a vacation, what can be done to relax and recharge without going away. Click here to read more.

Spirit Airlines Will the Cancellations Stop?
The continuing cancellations faced by the airline leaves Spirit trying to figure out the best way to compensate stranded passengers. Click here to read more.


What You Need to Know When Traveling to Puerto Rico 
As of August 16, 2021, Puerto Rico will require COVID Vaccinations for all hotel guests and short term rentals in order to control the spike in cases due to the Delta Variant – Click here to read more.

Real ID Update
Due to the pandemic, the October 1, 2021 deadline has been moved to May 3,2023. Click here to read more.

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