Leaders Magazine profiled eight Women Leaders at Active International for their first edition of 2021. Read their full interviews by clicking on the titles below.


Corinne Casagrande

Finding Pockets of Opportunity

Corinne Casagrande, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Broadbeam Media, a subsidiary of Active International


Gemma Atkinson

People, Process and Promotion

Gemma Atkinson, COO, International Division, Active International


Lana Ilchenko

Providing Analysis

Lana Ilchenko, Senior Vice President, Global Financial Planning and Analysis, Active International


Liz Margolis

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Liz Margolis, Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations and Planning, Active International


Martine Pelier

Growth in France

Martine Pelier, Managing Director, Active International – France


Michele Vinci

Financial Strength

Michele Vinci, Vice President of Finance – International, Active International


Stephanie Noble

Supporting the Business

Stephanie Noble, Director of Accounting and Billing – Finance, Active International


Susanne Morello

Media Innovation

Susanne Morello, Senior Vice President, Media, Active International Canada