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In-house Expertise

Over two decades of commercial real estate experience has generated outstanding value for clients in surplus fee simple, and leasehold properties. Our expertise, perspective, and accountability allow us, as your business partner, to bring new ideas and commercial real estate solutions.

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Problems can often occur that can typically derail real estate transactions.

Whether it’s delivering book or appraised value for a property that would otherwise be unachievable – or resolving environmental issues that have left an unproductive property on the books – we have the commercial real estate expertise and resources and proven track record.

We can handle every aspect of your real estate strategy for specific types of properties, as well as any challenges that present themselves along the way.

Environmental Issues

Many companies lack a complete environmental profile of their surplus properties. We have worked with clients successfully to address a variety of environmental challenges.

Fee Simple properties

When you’ve been unable to achieve a target valuation using traditional marketing methods, turn to us. We purchase fee simple properties at target, book, or appraised value. Working with brokers, we rely on our expertise to offer realistic “as is” property valuations, including expected market time frames and projected value enhancements.

Surplus Leaseholds

We help address the challenges presented by surplus leaseholds.

For more than two years an international CPG company had been trying to sell a large industrial facility with outdated capital equipment. A significant impediment existed: No environmental testing had been done in the site’s 50 year history.


After assessing the property, Active was able to purchase the site for full book value to the client through a Cash Cross Purchase Program. Client made a commitment to purchase a multiple of the payment in media through Active as well as Corporate Events (Hotels).

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