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Food Service Innovation

When Tastes Change

How can restaurants achieve sustainable growth when consumer tastes are constantly changing?
How do you keep pace with consumer expectations for amazing experiences at fast food prices?
How do you scale in a category driven by a demand for small, local, and personal?
Or continue to build brand affinity in world of mobile delivery services?

Figure Out Where They’re Going

At Active, we see the growth potential for food service brands capable of continuously innovating and delivering exciting, frictionless omnichannel food experiences with the perfect balance of high-tech and high-touch.

Competition is outpacing demand. There are now more than 620,000 eating and drinking establishments in the US alone. Restaurants are currently growing at about twice the rate of the population [source: Deloitte]. While more dollars are being spent on out of home meals, the level of competition for those dollars is tougher than ever.

Consumers want it all (and they’re getting it). It’s no longer about just driving traffic to physical location(s). It’s about building food communities of shared values while catering to the personal tastes (and schedules) of individuals. In order to earn loyalty, convenience must wrapped in a compelling experience. And old models of standardization have given way to personalization at scale.

Big challenges, indeed.

We can tell you how to turn those challenges into opportunities.

Learn more about how we partnered with a major QSR to discover new opportunities.

And Get There First

Embrace an omnichannel mindset. How can your brand partner with other destination brands to serve exciting omnichannel food experiences wherever your consumers live, work and play – be it at work, at a concert or sporting event, or in a park?

Make it personal. Tech is the engine driving greater convenience but it can also be leveraged to strengthen consumer relationships and help inform development of the products, deals, and experiences they will love. How can you use media – linear, digital and social – not only as a vehicle for promotion but as a test lab to crowdsource new menu items, events or promotions?

Don’t just sell food, create omnichannel food experiences. Delivering exceptional experiences requires alignment across all aspects of the value chain, from the food, to the in-store aesthetics, to employee engagement. Think about your brand’s purpose. What kind of food community is your brand looking to build?

The possibilities become endless.

Possibilities you can then transform into positive business outcomes.

Outcomes we make possible every day. Ask us how.

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