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Achieve A Higher Media ROI With Trade In Your Strategy.

Our team of over 250 seasoned media professionals works with large and small brands and agencies; leveraging incremental value in the same quality media they already purchase.

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Greater Return; Transparant Collaboration

We work with you and your agency partners to deliver media solutions that are optimized with trade and executed with the excellence you and your agency require.

The most transparent buy process in barter:
  • Together we’ll identify areas that uncover meaningful value
  • Your buy specifications, terms and benchmark pricing
  • Pre-approval of all buys prior to placement
  • Customized reporting, proof of performance, and post buy-analyses

Independent with an Unrivaled Vantage Point

  • 125+ Fortune 500 companies are clients
  • Full-service Video, Digital, Performance, Audio, Print and OOH
  • Established, long-standing media industry relationships

Media News

Uncovering the Benefits of Corporate Trade
Uncovering the Benefits of Corporate Trade

Insights, Success Stories, and Real World Perceptions. Active International and Brand Innovators set out to gain insights into awareness, engagement, and attitudes about Corporate Trade among markete ...

TV & Video News 6.9.22
TV & Video News 6.9.22

TV & Video News 04.28.22
TV & Video News 04.28.22