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Employee Stories

Employee Stories

Active was founded on the core principle that good ideas can come from anywhere, and indeed having a diverse global talent pool is critical to us. It is well-documented that diverse teams produce better results and moreover, we want each employee to feel supported in bringing their whole selves to work each day. In return, we expect every one of our employees to foster a safe, friendly and inclusive environment for all colleagues. Active has created specific programming to educate our employees on harassment and bullying, micro biases, and both recruiting and partnering with diverse candidates and vendor partners.

Why Should Someone Want to Work at Active?

If you’re tired of the same-old business culture, Active can fix that. These are some of the most fun, agile minds I’ve worked with. There’s an entrepreneurial spirit here that pervades everything.

Robert Pankuck

EVP, Sales

What do you enjoy most about working at Active?

What I have enjoyed the most about working at Active is its entrepreneurial spirit and the wealth of information that each colleague brings.

Tatiana Vargas

Corporate Counsel

Why should someone want to work at Active?

Active has an entrepreneurial spirit where creative thinking is cherished. We provide our clients and partners with meaningful solutions and they rely on our ingenuity to help them hit their goals. The ability to brainstorm, develop and implement creative solutions with colleagues and clients alike is what makes it fun to come to work.

Eric Mollo

VP, Client Management

What do you enjoy most about working at Active?

Active is a special place, with unbelievable people, where creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude are extremely valued. Nothing we do is off the shelf, and the work I get to take part in daily to provide real value to our clients and partners is truly rewarding.

Tom Sommer

SVP, Sales & Marketing Partnerships