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New Opportunities created by COVID-19 
We recently had a conversation with Jason Clouet, President Hotel Capital Management, LLC about his thoughts on how COVID-19 has created interesting opportunities for Hotel Capital Management. Click here to read more.


The Travel Advisor Comeback 
With the day-to-day changes in travel, most travelers are looking for personal interaction instead of searching the web by themselves. Click here to read more.

Vaccine Expiration Dates for Travel 
At least two countries are saying it must be less than 270 days since your second shot to be considered fully vaccinated. Will more countries join this mandate? Click here to read more.

A look back at Airport Security
Before 9/11, airport security was piecemeal. Since the subsequent creation of the TSA, airport security has changed dramatically, Click here to find out.


Active International has helped leading hotel brands, REITs, owners, and management companies acquire capital and operating products through our Active Advantage Program. Active is pleased to announce our new partnership with BPT Energy, a leading provider of Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Services. If your company has a Water or Energy Conservation program Click here for details.  


Airline Rewards Being Devaluated 
Those bonus and promotional miles that airlines gave away during the pandemic have left many of us with large balances in our accounts. Now points are being devaluated to help bring down those balances. Click here to read more.

In Person Events – What the Future Holds  
With the Delta variant changing the meeting landscape, what’s a planner to do? Click here to see how to make those important decisions to ensure you are protected.


It’s That Time Again  
There is nothing better than hot cider, brisk fall air and views of the changing leaves. It’s time to get your best pumpkin pie recipe out and your fall foliage road trip planned. Click here to read more.

Not Able to Fly Right Now? Plan!
A trip of a lifetime means different things to different people. Maybe it’s to find the best pizza in Italy, surf the Great Barrier Reef, or a safari in South Africa. Whatever the case may be, odds are you are only going to that destination once, so planning is vital! Click here to read more.

To Go or Not to Go
What about that trip you’ve already postponed twice? What are the trends that airlines are seeing? Are people traveling with fear of the new Delta variant? Click here to read more.

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